Prolost EDC

User’s Guide

The Prolost EDC Animation Presets are a set of utility presets that I keep handy for common tasks in After Effects.

Installing Prolost EDC

Prolost EDC requires Adobe After Effects CS6 or later. Some presets may require After Effects CC.

  1. Double-click Prolost EDC to expand it, and open the Prolost EDC 2.0 folder. Inside, you'll find the Prolost EDC folder, which contains the Prolost EDC presets.
  2. Copy this Prolost EDC folder to your User Presets folder. The location of this folder varies with your operating system and your version of After Effects. Locate the User Presets Folder.
    • If you are installing an update, you can copy the new presets right over the old, or move the previous version to a safe location and then install the new version in its place.
  3. Now launch After Effects, and reveal the Effects & Presets panel. Under User Presets, you should see Prolost EDC. Twirl that open to reveal the presets.

The Presets

These tools are simple, and have no dependencies. They’ll keep working even if you uninstall EDC or move a project to another computer that doesn’t have them installed.


Version 1.0

Initial release including:

  • Color RGB Gain
  • HLS Wrapper
  • Hue Ramp Horizontal
  • Line
  • Linear Ramp Horizontal
  • Prolost Pixel Perfect
  • Prolost Spanner 2D
  • Prolost Wiggle Position
  • Radial Ramp Corner
  • Radial Ramp Side Edge
  • Shift Channels All Red
  • Shift Channels All Green
  • Shift Channels All Blue
  • Shift Channels Red Only
  • Shift Channels Green Only
  • Shift Channels Blue Only
  • Shift Channels to Black

Version 1.5

New Presets:

  • Cineon Lin to Log
  • Cineon Log to Lin
  • Grid by Width
  • Lin to sRGB
  • sRGB to Lin
  • Linear Color Keep
  • Prolost Arrow
  • Prolost Pixels Per Frame
  • Shift Channels to Luminance


  • Prolost Pixel Perfect updated to resolve a possible expression error

Version 1.6

New Presets:

  • Alexa V3 LogC Lin to Log
  • Alexa V3 LogC Log to Lin
  • Lin to Kodak 2383 Emulation
  • Sony S-Log2 Lin to Log
  • Sony S-Log2 Log to Lin


  • Cineon Lin to Log updated with correct custom name.
  • Prolost Pixel Perfect fixes a bug where it flat out didn’t work.

Version 2.0

New Presets:

  • Prolost Front/Back Visibility
  • Prolost Mosaic by Size
  • Prolost Fast Blur
  • Shift Channels Alpha from Luma
  • Shift Channels to White
  • Shift Channels Alpha to RGB


  • sRGB to Lin updated with correct name.