v2.0, requires Apple Shortcuts on iOS 12

This shortcut automatically crops up your ultra-wide photos into two or three tiles that perfectly reassemble into slides for your multi-image Instagram post.

Version 2.0 now supports two-tile as well as three-tile panoramas. The shortest image Panogram will make is 1:1 square, and the tallest is Instagram’s maximum portrait aspect of 4:5. What that means in practice is:

  • Any image wider than 3:1 will be cropped at the sides before tiling.

  • An image of 3:1 aspect will fit perfectly into three 1:1 tiles.

  • Anything between 3:1 and 12:5 will be split without cropping (12:5 because it’s 3x 4:5). Make sure to press the little “expand” button in Instagram to avoid cropping the tiles to square.

  • Anything taller than 12:5 will be cropped top and bottom to fit into three tiles.

  • Images wider than 2:1 will be cropped on the sides when creating two tiles.

  • Images between 2:1 and 8:5 will fit perfectly into two tiles. This includes the common aspect ratio of 16:9.

  • Images taller than 8:5 will be cropped top and bottom to create two tiles. This includes DSLR photos at 3:2 and iPhone photos at 4:3.

Panogram will suggest two or three tiles depending on the aspect of the photo, but you can override the suggestion if you like.


  • 1.0 Panogram released, supports 3 tiles

  • 2.0 Support for 2 tiles.