How do I get my Prolost Burns, Boardo, Speedramp, or Handcrank work from After Effects into Premiere Pro?

Importing an After Effects composition into Adobe Premiere Pro.

If you try to import an After Effects project that uses the Prolost Presets into Premiere Pro, you'll get an annoying error. Here's the fix, which also happens to be the super cool workfflow for using After Effects compositions in Premiere.

Because the Prolost Presets use expressions, which Premiere doesn’t support, you can’t import your Prolost Burns, Boardo, Speedramp, or Handcrank compositions into Premiere. But you can link them, using Adobe Dynamic Link.

  1. After creating your sequence in After Effects using the Prolost Presets, save the project as usual.
  2. Then open Premiere, and choose File → Adobe Dynamic Link → Import After Effects Composition…
  3. Navigate to your After Effects project file in the Import window, and select it. You should see your After Effects compositions on the right. Choose the composition you want to import, and click OK.
  4. The selected After Effects composition will be added to your Premiere Pro project, and you can now edit it into your sequence.

The imported composition maintains a link to the After Effects project, so you can continue to make changes in After Effects, and they will update instantly in Premiere. But After Effects doesn’t have to be open when working with the imported composition in Premiere.

Or Skip the Import Dialog and Drag and Drop

Dan Wilk of Adobe helpfully pointed out that you can drag an After Effects composition right into an open Premiere Pro project: