I tried to pay with PayPal and it didn’t work.

This happens sometimes, but not often. I’m sorry it happened to you! You were always my favorite.

If your PayPal payment failed, here are some things to try:

  • Reload the page and try again. Maybe wave a rubber chicken over the screen a few times.
  • Turn off any ad blockers you might be running. They can interfere with the purchasing overlay. Don't worry, I'm not running any skeezy tracking crap on this site, but I do need to run one line of Javascript to make the buy buttons work. Here's my privacy policy.
  • Try your purchase again in a different browser.
  • Check with PayPal to make sure there's not a block on your account.
  • Carrier pigeon.

If none of that works, visit the Prolost Gumroad page. There you can buy using PayPal without any of the overlay code I use here.

If that doesn't work, contact me directly.