How can I copy/paste Prolost Burns from one layer to another? Or to multiple layers?

Prolost Burns comes with default settings that zoom a layer from 100% to 150%. You may wish to create your own settings and paste them into multiple layers. Here's how.

Prolost Burns uses expressions to control a layer’s Scale, Position, Anchor Point, and Opacity. The preset contains an empty “effect” that holds the controls that drive the expressions. When you copy this effect from one layer and paste it to another as you would any other effect, you’re copying the controls, but not the expressions. It’s like copying the dashboard of a car without the engine.

To copy and paste everything Burns needs to work, select the layer in the Timeline and press the U key twice, rapidly. This is known as the “Über Key” in After Effects, and it reveals all of a layer’s parameters that have been changed from their defaults. In the case of Prolost Burns, it will reveal the effect as well as the layer’s Scale, Position, Anchor Point, and Opacity.

Screenshot 2018-02-08 12.33.03.png

Select all of these parameters in the timeline, by clicking on their names with the Shift key held down.

Now you can copy, and paste the results into a new layer. The Prolost Burns effect, and the expressions, will paste into the new layer or layers.

This technique also works for Prolost Boardo and the Prolost EDC presets.